A perfect, white smile is something that everyone really wants and it can definitely improve a person’s self confidence, and that is exactly why more and more people are choosing to use the Zoom! Whitening System for great whitening results that are not only fast, but also very safe. Zoom! combines the most technologically advanced whitening systems with great and safe formulas to ensure that teeth whitening can be a painless experience while also ensuring great results.

Teeth get stained from a whole bunch of different liquids and just overall lifestyles over a long period of time, and this can also include medications, and while there are so many different types of teeth whitening treatments all over the world. These treatments include take-home gels and other types of whitening systems that might not be as effective as something like Zoom!

Zoom! has a lot of advantages over all other teeth whitening treatments, and some of these advantages include the following:

  • Every tooth is treated at the same time
  • Treatment time is faster
  • The results last longer
  • Less sensitivity
  • Helps out with stains on crowns and veneers
  • It’s relatively safe
  • Treatment is always conducted by a professional

How does Zoom! whiten teeth?

Zoom! is a bleaching treatment that works to lighten the enamel of your teeth while using hydrogen peroxide as one of the active ingredients in the gel. The hydrogen peroxide works to create very tiny oxygen bubbles that essentially scrub away the yellowing on your teeth.

A mercury light is also used to activate the gel and make the whitening process much faster. The light is actually an infrared light so it doesn’t hurt the patient at all and isn’t in any way hot on the patient’s teeth.

The post-treatment results can vary from patient to patient but it is important to keep in mind that Zoom! is only going to be applied to people with healthy teeth and gums, so any type of tooth decay could not be good for this procedure.

How is the Zoom! treatment performed?

The first thing that happens is a consultation meeting in which the dentist will just outline everything that is going to happen with the patient, and then the first thing that happens on the treatment day is that the dentist will completely clean the patient’s teeth of plaque and debris before the patient is given special goggles for eye protection from the light and special clothes to protect their clothes from the bleaching chemicals.

Overview of the Zoom! procedure:

  1. The entire surface of the teeth will be exposed.
  2. Gums are painted to reduce sensitivity during the rest of the procedure.
  3. The dentist applies the gel to the teeth.
  4. The halide light then activates the gel.
  5. About 15 minutes later the gel is removed from the teeth and the mouth is rinsed.
  6. More gel is applied for another round of 15 minutes.
  7. The gel is removed again and the mouth is rinsed again.
  8. Then a final treatment of gel for another 15 minutes
  9. Gel is removed for the final time.

What happens after the whitening treatment?

The same factors that made your teeth yellow in the first place can still play a significant factor after the treatment is over, so it is definitely very important to keep this in mind as you do this procedure and go out into the world post whitening.

If you have any other questions about this procedure let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you.