Why Straighten Teeth?

Straighter teeth not only are a lot better for chewing and speaking but they are also a lot prettier looking and can boost people’s confidence tremendously. Of course there are all types of malocclusions that need to be fixed through braces that affect the aesthetic look of someone’s teeth and so here is an overview of some of the disorders and issues that can occur from having crooked teeth.

Periodontitis — This is another word for gum disease, and it results from a bacteria infection that can sometimes be attributed to bad oral hygiene. Sometimes when people have crooked teeth they are more likely to not be able to clean their teeth as good as they should be able to and this can lead to gum disease.

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMJ) — When someone has crooked teeth they can be very susceptible to having an improper jaw alignment and this can lead to a lot of pain and even TMJ, which can include really bad headaches, lockjaw and all sorts of really crazy problems that all started from crooked teeth more often than not.

Tooth injury — straight teeth are stronger than crooked teeth and this means that they are less susceptible to getting any form of tooth injuries as well.

Uneven wear — when someone has crooked teeth that means their teeth must work much harder when they are chewing and eating which can cause some serious issues over time.

Teeth are straightened through orthodontic braces or aligning trays, and for the most part braces are made of the brackets and wires that we are all accustomed to very much and aligning trays are removable and can still be just as effective but must be replaced with new trays every few weeks.