Who Can Benefit From Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that helps to diagnose and treat malocclusions and other irregularities within the teeth and jaw areas, and orthodontics are trained to help their patients maintain full functionality of their oral health and to also create beautiful smiles for all of their patients. A lot of people think that orthodontics is a field of dentistry that should only be used upon children and people who are still having their jaws grow, but today it is known that anyone can undergo an orthodontic treatment just the same as children and many more adults are now getting braces today.

A malocclusion is something that literally affect anyone at any age, and the impacts can really affect the symmetry of someone’s face and can also lead to even more serious problems like digestive problems and even things like periodontal and TMJ diseases as well as tooth decay, so it is definitely very important to try to get your orthodontic treatments when you are younger because it tends to get more expensive when you are older due to the severity of the problems getting worse over time.

What problems will orthodontics be able to treat?

Orthodontics works to treat a whole bunch of oral health problems, and for the most part works to realign teeth and give people beautiful smiles, but it can also be combined with other forms of cosmetic dentistry as well.

Some of the problems that orthodontics will be treating on a regular basis include the following oral health issues:

  • Overcrowding — This is the situation in which teeth are pretty much competing for space in a person’s jaw and are crooked and growing in the wrong places and pretty much just aren’t aligned properly. This can lead to some serious problems with your teeth and smile.
  • Overbite — This is where the upper jawbone juts out much further than the lower jaw bone and can make someone look like they have a really big toothy smile and a small chin when it’s just an oral ailment that can be fixed.
  • Underbite — This is where the patient will have some type of protrusion in which the lower jaw juts out further than the upper jaw, and this usually makes the chin look like it is popping out in an abnormal way, which can be caused through genetics.

How exactly can orthodontics help patients?

Orthodontics can offer a large variety of treatment options that can help patients achieve beautiful smiles, and these treatments or the right treatment will be decided by an orthodontist after undergoing the preliminary testing for each patient to see which treatment is best for the individual.

One of the most common form of treatment that helps patients in orthodontics is fixed dental braces which are really good at correcting even the most severe cases of misaligned teeth, and these are the braces that include the metal brackets on each tooth and the wire that we are all very accustomed to seeing.

There are also some removable appliances in orthodontics that help out patients and many times accompany braces with treatments like headgear and other things like retainers and even Invisalign. Faceguards are also in this category and they are generally only used for something like a severe over or under bite problem.

But no matter what problem you have or how old you are orthodontists will be able to give literally anyone the beautiful smile that you deserve.