Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a pretty easy process that basically is just to change the color of natural teeth to enhance a patient’s smile, and this process can also be referred to as bleaching.

Teeth whitening has definitely become one of the most popular procedures in all of cosmetic dentistry, and because so there are many different ways in which teeth whitening can occur. As of right now the most popular way to do teeth whitening is through home teeth whitening systems that people use on their own time usually while they are sleeping, and because teeth whitening is only good on natural teeth if you have filings or crowns you will need to have them bleached so that they match the bleached teeth once you’re done with the process.

One thing to consider is that teeth whitening is never permanent and every couple of years or so you might need a touch up, and much more often if you are someone who drinks wine, tea or coffee or smokes.

Main reasons for teeth whitening:

  • Fluorosis (too much fluoride in teeth)
  • Normal wear and tear of teeth layers over time
  • Stained teeth from some form of medication
  • Yellow, stained teeth just in general

What is involved with the teeth whitening process?

In this intense type of teeth whitening you are going to need to do two visits to your dentist, and in the first appointment you are going to get impressions or molds of your teeth so that you can eventually make clear plastic trays that are perfect molds of your arches.

In the second appointment you are given the trays along with whitening gel and instructions on how to achieve a whiter smile.