Porcelain Crowns (Caps)

A crown, or cap, is something that covers an entire tooth in order to restore the broken or decayed tooth to its original shape, and a crown also protects tooth structure, which is pretty different than fillings or other types of dental restorations.

There are many types of crowns but porcelain crowns are by far the most popular because they look very natural and blend in with other teeth in a patient’s mouth, and although dental crowns may seem to be permanent they may actually need some types of restorations after many years, but they will look very natural when they are first implemented.

Some reasons for getting crowns:

  • Your teeth are broken or fractured
  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • Tooth decay
  • Your tooth may have a root canal
  • Your filling may have become fractured

What does the process of getting a crown involve?

This procedure typically takes two appointments and in the first appointment includes creating many different custom molds that will be used to make the custom crown later on. One of the molds will be used to create a temporary crown that the patient will use for the time being of around two weeks until the permanent crown is completely ready.

In the second appointment the patient’s temporary crown is then removed and the tooth is cleaned and prepared for the permanent crown to be perfectly placed to ensure that the bite is smooth and right.