Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that is all about diagnosing and preventing, and of course treating bite, jaw and facial irregularities that need to be fixed for the patients, this type of dental service is done by an orthodontist who studies a couple years beyond dental school training. Dr Russell Walls and his team is the #1 Orthodontist Orange CA has to offer


In the past few years, there have been many influential changes in the field of dentistry. This includes the field of orthodontic treatment, and now patients are having far fewer cavities, and are missing much fewer teeth than they were in the past because of fluoride and modern techniques in dentistry. This, of course, is greatly due to the awareness of patients to maintain their oral health on a daily basis, and this not only affects the patients in a healthy way but it also helps in cosmetic ways as well to ensure beautiful smiles.

Traditional braces and custom removable braces are all a part of orthodontics, and through these procedures, you can have that straight smile you’ve always wanted!

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