Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)

Orthodontic treatment allows so many awesome benefits that are not only physical in that you will get much straighter looking teeth and have some great physical appearances with a beautiful smile, but this can also be something that affects a patient’s self image psychologically. We all know that having a great smile is important socially but it also is really important to get orthodontic treatment so that you are alleviating any type of potential health problem that can be associated with your teeth or jaw. When someone has crooked teeth or overcrowding they are then really susceptible to not necessarily cleaning their teeth properly which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay and whole variety of dental problems, which can also lead to a even more health problems in your next and head and jaw that really can screw things up for too many people.

The American Association of Orthodontics has come out and said that all children should go get checked up on by an orthodontist when they get around the age of seven so that the orthodontist can start to check up on them and see if any misalignment or irregular problems are starting to occur.

Recent years has shown a lot of incredible advancements in the field of orthodontists, and so it has never been easier and more comfortable to wear braces for long periods of time, and now some patients may even be able to get Invisalign which straightens up people’s teeth without the aesthetic distraction that normal braces give with all the wires and brackets.

Some top reasons why children and adults need orthodontic treatment (braces):

  • Swallowing and breathing problems — when someone breaths out of their mouth during sleep this can lead to severe snoring and even something like sleep apnea
  • Crossbite — This is where your upper teeth bite down on your tongue every bite, like an under bite, which can be very painful
  • Deep Overbite — This is where your lower teeth are biting into the gums of your upper teeth with every bite, and it makes your chin look smaller than it really is
  • Crowding — This is the problem when your teeth are all misaligned and not in the right position in the mouth
  • Jaw joint pain
  • Missing or extra teeth — This happens when you suffer from tooth decay or even hereditary problems
  • Mouth or face disfiguring — This can be a serious problem for the development of someone’s jaw and teeth positioning
  • Self-image — a good looking smile always boosts a person’s confidence
  • Gaps between teeth — sometimes teeth are missing or are not in the right spots in the mouth and the gaps need to be closed up properly
  • Overjet — This is when you have a problem in which your upper teeth are coming out further than normal.

Specific to children:

  • Thumb sucking — this type of habit can create some problems within a child’s teeth alignment
  • Teeth erupting out of position — This is natural and needs to be fixed through proper alignment

What exactly does orthodontic treatment involve?

  1. Planning phase — This is what happens in the first couple of visits to your orthodontist:
  • The patient undergoes a complete dental history evaluation
  • Molds are taken of the patient’s teeth
  • There are computer generated photographs taken of the patient’s mouth and neck areas
  • Mouth and face photographs are taken
  • X-rays are taken of the teeth and jaws of the patient

The orthodontist will then review this material and decide whether or not braces or custom made braces are the right call for the patient.

  1. Active phase — This is where the patient will come into the orthodontist’s office for regular checkups in order to get adjustments
  2. Retention phase — Once the active phase is over and the treatment is over the patient will get a retainer that will then be used temporarily and at night usually to make sure that the teeth remain in the proper place for many years after the whole procedure is done.

The timing of these periods is all variant on the individual patient and can take very different time schedules for everyone.