Here at Russell Walls DDS Orange CA Dental Care, we are absolutely devoted and concentrated upon giving every one of our customers the restoration and enhancement of his or her oral health by focusing on the natural beauty of each smile while using some of the most technologically advanced dental procedures in the field of modern dentistry.

High Standards

We truly believe that our patients deserve the highest standard of excellence when it comes to their personalized dental care, and this is exactly what we strive for with our standards for each and every one of our patients. Some of the great aspects of our dental practice is that we make sure that we plan out each major treatment as comprehensively as we possibly can, and when we do end up doing restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedures we can guarantee that you will be vastly improving your dental health to the utmost optimal level. When something like a dental emergency happens to you or someone in your family we can also make time out of our schedule and do everything that we possibly can to make sure that you can get the care you need as soon as humanly possible.

Education & Prevention

At our practice we are the type of dentists and oral hygienists who really do believe that education and preventative care are two of the most important aspects to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining an optimal dental health. We are the type of practice that doesn’t just focus on things like disease care, but more often than not are primarily focusing on providing our patients with dental health care. That is exactly why we take our examination processes very seriously and make sure that everything is perfect with your oral health.

Some of these examinations that we provide that help to check up on your overall dental health include checking up on the health of your teeth and gums in routine checkups, performing oral cancer exams that have been known to save people before cancer cells get too developed, and taking x-rays for all of our patients on a regular basis when it seems absolutely necessary. We of course are also very strong proponents of making sure that all of our routine cleanings, flossing and fluorides are going to help prevent dental diseases. So with that being said we are not the type of dentists who just focus on getting you a beautiful smile, but we are the dentists who are going to focus on your smile as well as your overall oral health, and by staying informed about your overall medical history and medications we can definitely make sure that your dental health will improve while coming to us.

Uncompromising Safety

One of the most important aspects of health in our office is the very pesky problem of infection control. We make absolutely sure that in order to protect not only our patients but also ourselves that all of our equipment and our entire office is sterilized and gone through cross contamination processes. All of these safety and health precautions are part of the standards that are recommended by major Dental administrations including the American Dental Association (ADA), the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).


Training & Expertise

Being your dental health professionals means that we want to make sure that you are completely 100 percent confident in our team of clinicians who pride themselves on being able to provide you the optimal amount of dental care to maintain your healthy smile. So in order for us to be absolutely positive that we are providing all of our patients with the very best services that we possibly can we have remained committed to continual education and learning for all of our employees. This means that we are very frequently attending events like dental conventions, lectures and dental meetings so that we can absolutely be sure that we are keeping ourselves informed about all of the latest dental products and techniques, as well as the brand new equipment that comes out regularly. By doing this we have made sure that our dental office is as modern as it possibly can be on a regular basis and that we can provide the very latest state of the art procedures to our patients. This is a very important aspect of being in the dental field, and by being very close to a good amount of the most respected professional dental associations in the world we are completely positive that we are on top of all the changes in the dental profession.

A Positive Experience

One of the most vital aspects of our success over the years has been our commitment to our fundamental foundation of trust by treating all of our patients with special indignity. It’s completely understandable to us when it comes to some patients feeling uncomfortable about going to the dentist and getting dental care, and that’s exactly why we strive to make a positive difference by making our dental experience as relaxing and positive as we possibly can. Our entire team at our office is completely dedicated to making your dental visit with us as pleasant as we possibly can.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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