Onlay Restorations

An onlay restoration is a custom made filling that is made of some type of composite material, maybe gold or porcelain that looks like a real tooth’s color, and this is something that is typically called a partial crown as well. They are always made by a professional in a dental lab and are permanently cemented by your dentist during the procedure.

Sometimes these are used to repair teeth that have defective fillings or that maybe have undergone some type of pain or severe trauma. Many people say that onlays are a great alternative to crowns because the procedure doesn’t require as much of tooth removal and it also is something that is almost the same as inlay restorations but the only exception is that onlay restorations require one or maybe even more of the chewing cusps to be a part of the restoration process.

These are not technically permanent even though they are said to be permanent, but sometimes people need replacements after many years.

Reasons for getting onlay restorations:

  • Fractured or broken teeth
  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • Large fillings are needed
  • Tooth decay
  • Fillings have been fractured

What does the process of getting an onlay restoration involve?

This process usually requires two appointments with your dentist, and the first appointment includes the taking of several different molds of the tooth or teeth so that the custom onlay can be made from these molds.

During this process the tooth is numbed and the dentist first removes all traces of decay and anything bad that is in his way pretty much. The space is then cleaned and prepared so that a temporary filling can be placed while the onlay is made in the lab.

At the second appointment the new onlay is then carefully cemented into the allotted place that it is needed to be in, and you may have to endure a few adjustments to get it just right but at this appointment things should go back to normal and you should have a proper fit and bite again.