Multiple Teeth Replacement


Benefits with fixed bridge in terms of implants:

When you are for example trying to fix a set of three teeth in the back of a patient’s mouth a fixed bridge is the only dental implant that will work because traditional dentures won’t do the trick in this situation.

When you get dental implants in lost back teeth you will all of a sudden be able to have a lot of strength in terms of chewing and eating and be able to eat whatever you want to eat, which is great, and it also will allow your jawbone to remain healthy.

  • This really is the only solution in this situation
  • It’s stable and secure and allows you to eat whatever you’d like
  • Keeps your facial appearance intact and doesn’t allow for any type of bone loss


Once you get the results of your initial examination you will more than likely have to go to the dentist four or even five more times until the fixed bridge is completed and you can get the implants installed. It is pretty common for patients of this procedure to experience bruising and even swelling in the gums, but it’s nothing a painkiller can’t fix and you should be fine the next day after the implant installation.


Installing the Fixed Bridge — Step-by-Step

The treatment that is about to be described is just one of many treatment methods so please inform your dentist about what type of procedure is best for you no matter what.

1: Before the procedure

The example is that three of your back teeth are missing and so the only way to go about fixing this is to use a fixed bridge, and this means that the bridge will have all three teeth on one piece that is anchored by dental implants.

2: Installing the dental implants

The first that will happen is that the dental implants will be installed in their allotted places, and this is normally done in one treatment session, and then the next thing that happens is a temporary bridge will be placed so the patient can function normally while they wait for the real bridge to be formed.

3: Attaching the real bridge

The dental implants will integrate with the jawbone over a period of around one to two months before the bridge can be installed, and then when the time is right the bridge will be installed into the back of the mouth.

4: The Ending Result

The end result will include fake teeth that are just as strong if not stronger than your normal healthy teeth function as, and you can now eat whatever you would like to eat.


Removable partial denture

This is an alternative that pretty much stinks all around, but some people will go for it even though it is known to be really uncomfortable and complicated to use by many patients who have reviewed this product. The denture is made of plastic and metal and makes it pretty weak but your normal teeth are not hurt at all.