LUMINEERS are a really cool option for people who just so happen to be unsatisfied with the cosmetic look of their smile, and for the most part what LUMINEERS are pretty much can be explain as small slips that fit absolutely perfectly over certain teeth to allow them to have perfect cosmetic appeal. LUMINEERS offer people who want to have a perfect smile a really great alternative to surgeries, bad chemicals and painful treatments that a lot of people aren’t up for at all, but LUMINEERS are generally 100% safe and easy.

In order for someone to successfully get LUMINEERS they must have healthy gums, and if you are a person with gum disease then you must get that treated before you can get LUMINEERS. One of the really cool aspects of LUMINEERS is that they can last up to 20 years on people’s mouths and be absolutely flawless, and they can also be removed upon a patient’s request.

So here is a small list of some of the many things that LUMINEERS helps solve for many people all over the world:

  • Filling in gaps between teeth
  • Fixing misaligned teeth
  • Fixing misshaped teeth
  • Helping hide stained teeth
  • Fixes uneven gums and teeth
  • Hides unnatural looking bridges and crowns

How can LUMINEERS help me personally?

LUMINEERS are something that can help out a whole variety of different treatments in the dental world, and for the most part what is so cool about LUMINEERS is that they don’t require any painful process to get a perfect smile unlike so many other cosmetic procedures that try to fix natural teeth. Another great thing to consider is that LUMINEERS are so thin that they are more than likely never going to affect your speech or eating at all!

Advantages in getting LUMINEERS:

  • LUMINEERS last about 20 years
  • There is no drilling on natural teeth
  • Absolutely no injections
  • No pain at all
  • Only two visits are required for the whole procedure
  • You will have the option to use multiple LUMINEERS
  • You get a perfect smile
  • It’s a reversible treatment

Are LUMINEERS strong enough for me?

LUMINEERS are made from Cerinate porcelain, which is extremely strong, and even though LUMINEERS are really thin they are less likely to break than other normal forms of dental veneers.

How exactly are LUMINEERS applied to a patient’s teeth?

Little etching is necessary when you go for LUMINEERS, which is of course very different than traditional dental veneers, and this is something that makes getting LUMINEERS a lot less painful and easier for perfect molding.

During your first dentist visit for LUMINEERS you are going to have to do some bite impressions and have some x-rays taken so that the dentists can tell exactly how your teeth fit together to make it easy to slip on the LUMINEERS in the next visit. Of course in this first visit the dentist is also going to be checking up on the patient to make sure that they don’t have any signs of gum disease or tooth decay because that could be a deal breaker. The patient and dentist will decide which color of LUMINEERS and then the moldings are sent to the lab to make the LUMINEERS.

Then in the second appointment the LUMINEERS are bonded to the natural teeth, and it is in this part of the procedure that the dentist polishes them up and makes sure that the LUMINEERS are really smooth and ready for the rest of the patient’s life, or at least the next 20 years or so. Then in the end the LUMINEERS are separated from the bite marks where the patient bites down on, and this then leaves a beautiful smile that only LUMINEERS can provide to some patients who need them.