Besides this website we also offer a lot of access to other websites that give a lot of information in terms of oral healthcare, and this is something that we are providing in order to help our patients learn more about the field on their own.

General Dental Websites

Academy of General Dentistry

This consumer information section has information towards over 50 different oral health topics.

American Dental Association

Great dental care articles and insurance information.

A wide variety of health information and articles on child care information and dental product information sections, so check it out.

Glossary of Dental Terms

A really great reference tool for all dental terms.

Oral Health Care & Products


This is a good source for dental information and care products



Great and trusted brand for all types of dental products.


They developed a learning center to help promote oral care routines and habits for the general public.


Get more information towards how these toothbrushes work and create great feeling and cleanliness in teeth brushing.

Other Interesting Websites

Healthy Smiles 2010

This program aims to improve the oral health of 50 million Americans in the next decade or so starting in 2010.

National Museum of Dentistry

This is a really interesting site that helps people learn about how healthy smiles are important and of the history of dentistry.