Inlay Restorations

An inlay restoration is a custom filling that is sometimes made of composites, gold or tooth colored porcelain and they are always made in a lab and then permanently cemented by your dentist.

Inlays are used a lot of times so that they can repair teeth that have been damaged or have gone through some type of trauma, and a lot of times these inlays are great alternatives to the normal composite fillings. Also, many times people choose inlays over crowns because the procedure is less painful and not so labor intensive and destructive to your teeth.

Inlays are not necessarily permanent and they might need replacement at some point in time or another, but they help countless people to instill a long lasting beautiful smile.

Main reasons for getting inlay restorations:

  • Your teeth are broken or maybe fractured
  • Cosmetic enhancement of some sorts
  • Tooth decay
  • Fillings have been fractured
  • You need larger fillings

What does the process of getting an inlay restoration involve?

This type of procedure more than likely is going to require two different appointments, and in your first appointment you are going to take a bunch of different molds so that these molds can be the basis for the custom inlay.

Once the tooth is numb a dentist will then remove any signs of decay and maybe old filling materials, or really anything that is in the way. Then the space is prepared fro the fit of an inlay restoration, and this is when the temporary filling is put in your mouth to protect your tooth while the permanent inlay is created in the lab.

At the second appointment the new inlay is then carefully cemented into the allotted space, and a few adjustments might need to be made but for the most part you should be feeling good and your inlay should fit properly and your bite should feel rather comfortable.