Full Arch Replacement


Benefits of getting a fixed bridge on your implants

A fixed bridge that is actually anchored to dental implants is more than likely going to be your best solution if you find yourself in the situation in which you are missing all of your teeth or you need all of your teeth replaced.

In the past people who lost all of their teeth were pretty much out of luck, but thanks to dental implants there are some options for people who get in this type of situation, and now with today’s modern technology in dentistry it is possible to give people in this hard situation a permanent solution that looks like natural teeth, and we can now even replace full jaws with dental implants.

  • These will allow you to eat as if you had natural teeth
  • They will last your entire life, and it’s very stable
  • Your face and appearance are not affected and you don’t lose any bones


The amount of dentist visits and the overall treatment in general varies from case to case when it comes to something as serious as a fixed bridge installation, but patients should expect to have to undergo at least eight visits or appointments ad the overall procedure is not as intense as most people may think it is.


Installing the fixed bridge — Step-by-step process

The following treatment is just one example of what can happen in the fixed bridge situation, and so you should of course consult with your dentist to make sure you are doing the procedure that is best for you.

1: Before the procedure

The dentist will prepare himself and the patient for what is going to need to happen in the specific situation

2: Installing the implants

The next thing that will happen is that the dental implants will be installed as a replacement for the roots that are missing. It can vary but many times five implants will be used, and at this point the patient will receive some temporary teeth so that they can function normally until the next step.

3: Attaching the bridge

The next and final step will be to install the bridge in a secure fashion on top of the implants, and this step can take up to three dentist visits to have the bridge completely perfected.

4: End result

The end result will make your teeth look as natural as possible, and they will look very natural.


One of the several alternatives to getting something like a fixed bridge with dental implants is to get a removable overdenture, and this can also be anchored to implants too, and it is more of an old fashioned denture that has many disadvantages.

Removable, implant anchored overdenture

This alternative includes something very similar to a full denture that is completely removable and is anchored to a small ball implant or bar implant attachment, and these implants can sometimes provide more comfort and function for those who need them, and this solution is a lot cheaper than a fixed bridge too.

Removable full denture

This alternative includes a denture that is very loosely connected to the top of the gums and covers up lost teeth, and it is very cheap and easy to install. Of course there are many disadvantages to this denture including discomfort, poor looks and your speech can be affected as well.