Cosmetic Dentistry

Over the past ten years or so there has been a huge increase throughout all of the American and European cultures towards cosmetic dentistry, and this is something that we not only realize has a lot of healthy benefits in terms of allowing for a brighter more confident smile, but it also makes us happy to give our patients that kind of newly found confidence. We have a great reputation in Orange as the best Cosmetic dentist. With all of the new technological advancements in the dental industry, cosmetic dentistry has never been cheaper and more painless, so getting that perfect smile can be a very quick process unlike it was in the past.

Examples of what cosmetic dental treatments can do:

  • Alter the shape, alignment and overall size of certain individual teeth
  • Fill in gaps between teeth that are unattractive
  • Correct misaligned bites
  • Brighten or whiten the color of teeth
  • Completely repair broken, cracked or chipped teeth
  • Help with tooth decay
  • Help replace teeth that are missing
  • Replace outdated dental treatments

Remember, when you greet yourself to someone your smile speaks way before you ever speak a word!

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