Dr. Walls and all of the staff encourage all of our parents to encourage oral health treatment on a regular basis for their children, and we know that a lot of parents have concerns and questions about their child’s health and what exactly needs to be done for them to be the healthiest that they can be, so if you have any questions please give the office a call.

A lifetime of good oral care habits starts at an early age at home and with us, and by following these habits:

  • Make going to the dentist a positive experience for your child
  • Make sure to schedule frequent appointments
  • Don’t let your child consume sugary and candy too much
  • Monitor fluoride intake
  • Make sure to teach children how to floss and brush efficiently
  • Supervise children as they clean their teeth
  • Apply dental sealants

Major Obstacles Towards the Oral Health of Children


  • ‘Baby bottle tooth decay’ is a bad problem with a lot of children and so it is important to wipe baby’s gums after feeding. Only let your child sleep with water
  • thumb sucking can become a problem because it can cause dental changes
  • White spots on teeth indicate that daily cleaning is more necessary


  • Afraid of going to the dentist — make sure it’s a positive experience
  • Hard time keeping oral care routine

Grade school Age Children

  • Sweets — make sure your child is eating healthy snacks, like carrots or fresh vegetables
  • Stains from antibiotics — inform pediatricians in terms of medications.


  • Braces — You need to make sure that your teen is thoroughly brushing all around their braces
  • Oral accidents — use mouth guards for sports.