Care Following Orthodontics – Retainers

Once braces are taken off thus begins the retention phase for the patients and the whole point of this phase is to make sure that the teeth do not regress back to where they just came from and retract the progress of the alignment that was created through the braces phase. Retainers are what are used to make sure that your teeth don’t regress back, and what a retainer technically is pretty much can be summed up as a fixed or removable appliance that an orthodontist custom makes for each patient and are made of transparent plastic so they are comfortable. Dr Russell Walls DDS is the best solution for Care Following Orthodontics- Retainer in Orange, CA.

You can wear your retainer at varying times, but for the most part it is really important to make sure that you are wearing your retainer for at least a considerable amount of time each day. If you do not wear your retainer enough you can retract all the progress you made by wearing braces and it can just take longer just in general to get the desired results.

What are the different types of retainers?

There are a bunch of different retainers that are used for a whole variety of different dental ailments, and so here is an overview of the most common retainers in today’s modern dental industry:

  • Hawley retainer — this retainer includes a metal wire and arch that an orthodontist can adjust and tighten to make sure that the patient’s teeth stay aligned in the correct position. The acrylic arch is designed to feel as comfortable as possible on the patient’s teeth and gums.
  • Essix — This style of retainer is one of the most popular and is created through a mold that is made after the alignment is over and the braces are off, and it’s through its design. This style of retainer is also much cheaper than most other retainers and it doesn’t affect the beauty of a patient’s smile as much as other retainers do.
  • Fixed retainers — this is a retainer that is attached on the back side of a few teeth on the bottom and upper arches and is something that is forever installed in a patient’s mouth, and these do work very well for the most part. These retainers are usually used when there are instances of drastic teeth movement meaning that the teeth are more likely to move back and require the fixed retainer.

What are some things I should consider when using a retainer?

Don’t lose the retainer — retainers are definitely really easy to lose, and a lot of teenagers tend to lose them rather frequently as well. The thing that makes this so bad is that when you lose your retainer you have to have a replacement made, and that is really expensive.

Don’t drink while wearing your retainer — you may not notice that you are wearing your retainer and you may want to drink but the truth is that any extra liquid inside the retainer can cause acid to build up tremendously quickly.

Don’t eat while wearing your retainer — Also it might seem pretty awkward or difficult to eat while wearing a retainer but you just have to know that eating with your retainer on would not only be really gross but it would also be rather difficult, so don’t do it. Of course it depends a little bit on what type of retainer you get, but still you really shouldn’t be putting any food to your retainer at all, so make sure you clean your teeth after eating before you put your retainer back on too.

Make sure you clean your retainer properly — retainers that are removable end up becoming really gross and pretty much breeding grounds for tartar and all sorts of bacteria, so you need to make sure that you are always making sure you are cleaning the inside and outside of your retainer just as much as you are cleaning your teeth. You can either use a toothbrush or a special retainer cleaner.

Make sure to wear it as you are directed by your orthodontist — This final phase of the braces procedure is very critical, and all of the hard work and commitment that you put into wearing braces for such a long period of time can not be good at all if you don’t stay committed to wearing your retainer. Not wearing your retainer can cost you a lot of money and time as well as your teeth returning to their original position.