Do Braces Hurt?

One of the most common concerns about dental braces just in general have to do with the discomfort that braces supposedly do create for the patients, but the truth of the matter is that braces actually don’t hurt when they are at first applied to the teeth so for the most part you shouldn’t be worried too much about pain. The only time that there is discomfort is when the wire is tightened or adjusted, and this soreness only lasts about a day or two.

The most common braces that realign teeth are ceramic and metal fixed braces, and these are braces that include brackets on each tooth and a wire that connects all of the brackets together in order to gently realign all of the teeth simultaneously.

Dental braces are used to fix a whole variety of oral problems and types of malocclusions and just about everyone needs to get braces for something because it is very rare for someone to naturally have a perfectly aligned smile these days.

What should I expect when getting braces?

The following is an overview that will help you to better understand what you are getting into when you get braces:

  • Placement day — when you get your braces placed in your mouth it is not going to hurt at all and it doesn’t take very long either, but in some cases your teeth might feel a little strange or weaker than normal. Hard foods should be avoided and a patient should gravitate towards softer foods and even a liquid diet for the first couple of days after first getting braces applied in their mouths.
  • A couple days after placement — the first few days can be uncomfortable because your teeth are just adjusting to the new alignment that the wire is creating and it might feel really painful, but that pain is going to subside quickly. You can use some of the orthodontic wax to alleviate the pain and you can also use some normal pain relievers to alleviate the sore feelings that may occur during these first days.
  • A week after placement — at this point the pain that you first experienced should be completely gone and your teeth will be officially used to the braces and eating will go back to normal for the most part. Certain foods should be avoided but you should feel normal at this point in time.
  • Orthodontic appointments — you are going to need to go to regular appointments with your orthodontist so that your wire can be adjusted and tightened so that the pressure can create the proper alignment you are striving for. After each appointment and tightening you may feel some discomfort but it will subside after a day or so.
  • Dealing with discomfort from braces — a lot of regular pain medication and wax will help you alleviate any form of pain that occurs from wearing braces, and another trick to keep in mind is chewing sugar free chewing gum to increase the blood flow in your mouth.